Our purpose is to create a better way for people to live and everyone at Redrow has their part to play.

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What We Do
How We Do It

What We Do

Redrow is already an industry leader, but rather than resting on our laurels, our philosophy is to continually improve and get even better – to be the indisputable best in class.

  • Superior Product
  • Fantastic Places
  • Great People

How we do it

To achieve our aim it’s important to have a clear brand purpose, a reason to exist. It’s not just what we do or how we do it, it’s why we do it. Delivering ‘the Redrow Way’ through…

Proof & Pudding
Heads & Hearts
Walking & Talking

Heads & Hearts

Our hard work, passion, excellent communication and attention to detail throughout our customer's journey, will clearly reflect our brand purpose.

  • Our Vision

    Best in class house builder

  • Our Values

    To be innovative and hard working with passion and positivity

  • Our Belief

    Everyone deserves the best home

Walking & Talking

It is imperative that we clearly demonstrate our brand values. This means every piece of communication we design will be modern and smart. Every word we speak will be caring, expert and confident. We must ensure that our customers trust that what we say and how we behave are the same.

  • How we behave

    Showing passion and personality but with a professional stance

  • How we talk

    With confidence and a caring touch

  • How we look

    Modern, smart and professional

Proof & Pudding

As the saying goes, the proof is in the eating. This means providing our customers with a better way to live can only happen if we deliver what we promise. Ultimately, if we truly believe in what we are trying to achieve, how and why, creating a better way for people to live will happen naturally.

  • Strapline

    Redrow. A Better Way to Live.

  • Proof

    A superior product in a fantastic location built by great people

  • Position

    Premium homes for every life stage and lifestyle

It’s not what we do. Or how we do it. It’s why we do it. It’s how Redrow makes the world a better place sustainably. It’s about having a brand purpose that matters. It is a proven fact that companies who have a clear sustainable brand purpose are significantly more successful.

Dave Bexon - Group Sales and Marketing Director

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